Fairton Christian Center Academy provides quality educational opportunities for students in Middle School. Professional teachers challenge students in academics and in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our core curriculum consists of Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Word Building, Creative Writhing and literature, and Bible Reading. Each academic discipline focuses on the sixty individual character traits of Jesus Christ and is designed to include deductive reasoning, independent thinking, and logic. In addition to the required core curriculum students participate in enrichment classes that include but are not limited to Spanish (Rosetta Stone), music, and art appreciation and application.

Our sports program includes volleyball, basketball, soccer, and track and runs through the school year. These activities add to the full maturation of your child’s physical, social and mental development.

Activities like annual field trips, as well as, honor roll trips, and personal ministries to local communities are also part of our curriculum. These outside trips help students assimilate and practice the character traits of Jesus Christ toward others.

These character traits are the core of the curriculum, which sets our school apart from many other private schools. Our students excel in standardized testing and have a strong foundation in basic skills, language, and mathematics. They grow to be-caring and committed individuals.

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